Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy-Duty Towing

Whenever you experience inconveniences on the road, you know that all there is left to do is to contact any tow truck near me and let them assist you on whatever you want to do after a tire blowout or an accident on the road. While it is relatively easy to call for assistance, heavy-duty towing needs assistance from a legitimate and trusted service company that has specialized equipment as well as skilled workers to do the job. 

Heavy towing is able to tow heavy commercial vehicles and industrial-used cars effectively. In this article, we will be going to answer some of the commonly asked questions about heavy-duty towing: 


What kind of cars and vehicles need some heavy-duty towing? 

The kind of cars that usually need some heavy-duty towing services include big rigs, buses, semi-trucks and trailers, garbage trucks, bobtails, and construction machines. There are also instances where a normal car might need a heavy-duty towing service if the normal towing does not suffice.  


How do companies are able to provide heavy-duty towing services?  

Companies that able to lift bigger trucks and vehicles do not just have any special techniques, but also specialized equipment and tools. While the normal-sized vehicles are easily elevated on a flatbed truck, motor homes, buses, and other heavy and large-sized vehicles might need a wheel-loft, chain system, and a hook in order to be lifted, moved and transferred. In other cases, you might need some inflatables to be placed under the vehicle to be able to lift and transfer the vehicle.  


These companies also use some winches and pulleys that are needed to pull larger vehicles up onto the hitch or flatbed truck. After being transferred, they are secured with pins, chains, and straps. 


How can I prepare my car for a heavy-towing service? 

When the vehicle is in the middle of heavy traffic, it is recommended that you wait for professionals to come over and help you with your vehicle. However, if the vehicle is not on the safe spot, you can place some safety cones or flares around the vehicle and stop doing more things such as altering the machine or moving the vehicle too much without the professional towers’ assistance and help.  


A good, reliable heavy-duty towing service is able to arrive at your location right after you called them for assistance and help. They are always ready no matter what the weather condition is or what time is it.  


Can heavy-duty towing damage my vehicle? 

One of the reasons why you need professional help is to secure your vehicle and make sure that it is moved and transferred safely. When you hire the best company, towing service will never cause damages to your vehicle provided that they use specialized equipment and tools, as well as proper techniques to lift, move, and transfer your vehicle to theirs. However, if you hire non-legitimate companies, they might be able to cause some damages due to improper handling and wrong techniques in moving the vehicle. Your choice of company is what matters here.  


Whenever they are inconveniences on the road, towing services are the very solution that all drivers need. So long as it is the right company, help will always be on the way.  

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